Building predictable & scalable B2B Sales process

I help to reach 10-20% month on month sales growth for SaaS & FinTech Startups by building & improving sales framework

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  • 12 - 20% month on month sales growth

    10-20% monthly growth is a typical requirement by Venture capital to get funded. With my clients, we achieve a stable & predictable 12-20% mom growth rate within 1-3 months (for those selling to SMB) and in 2-5 months (for the ones selling to Enterprises). The highest effect was delivered by splitting sales roles, building proper sales processes, sharpening ICP qualification and removing frictions from closing.

  • 2x MRR growth in the first 4-6 months of collaboration. 3-5x growth in 10-12 months

    Results of Startups I worked with show that during the 4-6 months of collaboration startups, on average, increase their MRR by 2-3 times and 3-5 times in the 10-12 months.

    Such results are a combination of the founder's ambitions as well as a careful selection process. I'm very selective in choosing startups I work with (since I can only work with a very limited number of startups at a time).

  • Higher conversions and shorter sales circle

    Low conversion and long sales circle are the typical outcome of poor a sales process, poorly identified ICP and weak sales metrics. This might become a real problem in advanced startups limiting their future growth. I coach you how to fix all that.


    • Liudas Kanapienis
    • Liudas Kanapienis

      CEO & Founder at Ondato

      Andrius helped us to build the sales strategy and measures fromscratch and his advises were very insightful and helpful.Outbound sales, inbound sales, KPI's were structured andperformance measured during all our cooperation period.

    • Vladislav Kochetov
    • Vladislav Kochetov

      Founder & CEO at Realtify

      In my experience I have met many business and sales coaches, but not a single one of them had as big an impact on me and development of my business as Andrius.

      Mr. Olechnovičius presents you with the modern and effective strategies that accelerate your sales, make you think and discover more and more about the best way to conduct your client acquisition activities. From early stage sales to the international expansion, he always has a way of shaping your precious startup into a sales machine.

    • Dillon Hall
    • Dillon Hall

      CEO at Simporter

      Andrius was very insightful around sales strategy. He reallyknows what he's talking about and how to build an effective,scalable sales funnel for pretty much any startup out there.Highly recommend!

    • Patrik Slettman
    • Patrik Slettman

      Founder & CEO at True

      If you are building a SaaS/Tech business - definitely speak with Andrius regarding your sales process. He is great at breaking down Prospecting, Discovery, Pain Points, etc - and showing how to present real value to potential clients, by focusing on their needs and then explaining how your service is a great match for them. Very valuable insights!

    • Fenix Bretz
    • Fenix Bretz

      Founder at Kodo Survey

      Andrius helped me create some clarity around my value prop, how to improve Kodo accordingly and how to communicate it. He’s been asking me some powerful questions around outbound sales, about the pricing model and how our go to market strategy. I got some really valuable stuff out of it, that I will implement as next step. I highly recommend Andrius as sales coach for start-ups

    • Marijus Andrijauskas
    • Marijus Andrijauskas

      Portfolio Principal @ Startup Wise Guys

      Andrius is everything about sales. He is a brilliant combination of sales strategy, tactics and go-to-action person. I worked with Andrius on my own venture, and he was a great partner to boost our sales success. And now I’m more than happy working with Andrius with several our portfolio startups where he is helping in many areas starting with sales process analysis for early stage, and scaling to hiring for mature stage startups. I believe Andrius a great fit to ambitious founders and startup teams.

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Founders challenge

  1. What you really want is to close more deals

  2. The problem - you don’t know a) who to target, b) how to get leads to fill your calendar, and (if you have them) c) how to close them (since you are an Engineer/Visioneer, not a salesperson)

  3. Every time you make a sales call, you don't know how to sell without speaking about features / doing product tour.

  4. You need to a) Create an efficient go-to-market strategy, b) Get more leads and c) Convert leads into customers.

  5. However, this is easier to be said than done. You can't rely on the "Trial & Error" approach. It's a disaster for the startup, wasting precious time and money.

"Guided mentoring" typically saves 6-12+ months, which could ultimately make the difference between startup success and failure.


What I offer

  • Accumulated best practice & know how from successful startups

  • Professionally guided weekly sales sprints (periodic weekly workshops)

  • Pre-designed Toolbox / frameworks / scripts / templates


  • Initial results are typically visible already within 3-6 weeks.

  • I recommend at least 4-5 months (minimum 3) to reach lasting results

  • 10 months brings the startup to a completely new level (sustainable 10-20% mom sales growth, data-driven & scalable sales process, detailed sales playbook & advanced process)

My background

  • 7 years in banking

  • Coached 60+ B2B startups

  • Continuously learning strategies & tactics that work the best in the market today

  • A great mix of sales, finances, coaching, and psychology skills

  • Previously head of sales in 3 tech companies

  • I work with very few customers at a time, so you get my full attention, customized ideas, and the best working strategies & tactics

  • Data-driven approach