• Challenges

      • Establish a replicable sales process

      • Transition from Founder-led sales

      • Increase conversion and shorten sales circle

    • Results

      • Built data driven sales process from scratch

      • Split sales roles, build & train sales people, sales team increased from 1 (founder) to 6

      • Implemented customised closing scripts, closing workflow and pricing to improve conversions & sales circle

      • MRR increased 3x over 6 month period

    About company

    Realtify is a company developing Real estate data platform based on a vision that calculated decisions can be achieved by providing professionals with tools that visualise and present informative models with deep analysis of the real estate market. In simpler words Realtify collect, standardise and analyse real estate data, to save time and efforts for real estate development and brokerage companies. In 2021 Realtify was acquired by PriceHubble.

  • In my experience I have met many business and sales coaches, but not a single one of them had as big an impact on me and development of my business as Andrius.

    Mr. Olechnovičius presents you with the modern and effective strategies that accelerate your sales, make you think and discover more and more about the best way to conduct your client acquisition activities. From early stage sales to the international expansion, he always has a way of shaping your precious startup into a sales machine.

    Vladislav Kochetov