• Challenges

      Help startups to find the right sales model

      Mentor startups how to identify proper value proposition and ICP

      Accelerate startups's revenue growth

    • Results

      Helped Startups to create, test and iterate proper hypothesis & experiments, so they can choose the right sales models and get sales traction asap.

      During SWG Accelerator 12 teams collectively achieved:

      • Attracted 800+ new clients in 4.5 months
      • 2.5x Monthly Revenue growth

    About company

    Startup Wise Guys is an early stage accelerator and an investor. Startup Wise Guys have been accelerating B2B startups since 2012 with overall startup success & a survival rate above 77%.

    Startup Wise Guys accelerator is an intense, high energy, no BS, straightforward approach to coaching from practitioners not consultants!

    It’s a 3 month long on-site mentors driven program taking place in either Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia) or Vilnius (Lithuania). Accelerator is primarily sales and scaling focused with a fundraising component helping teams be in a position to raise the next funding round within 6 months. As of this year we have four verticals – B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber, and Sustainability.

  • "Andrius is everything about sales. He is a brilliant combination of sales strategy, tactics and go-to-action person. I worked with Andrius on my own venture, and he was a great partner to boost our sales success. And now I’m more than happy working with Andrius with several our portfolio startups where he is helping in many areas starting with sales process analysis for early stage, and scaling to hiring for mature stage startups. I believe Andrius a great fit to ambitious founders and startup teams"

    Marijus Andrijauskas, Portfolio Principal @ Startup Wise Guys