• B2B Sales process setup

    Building predictable, replicable & scalable data-driven B2B outbound sales process (targeting 20% mom growth)

    Providing all the necessary setup information, giving customised templates, scripts, helping to draft messages for emails, Linkedin, creating call scripts, meeting scripts, CRM stages, guiding to the best-suited databases, automation tools, guiding how to hire proper sales people, training sales team, etc.

    Providing workshops and periodic meetings on:

    • Value proposition

    • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    • Business case to the end customer​

    • Customers pain points

    • Right pricing​

    • Efficient lead generation channels

    • Right, the most up-to-date sales tools

    • Right sales team structure

    • Right CRM pipeline stages

    • Ensure predictable flow of leads

    • Sales monitoring and continuous improvement system​