• Founders Sales Coaching

    Fast-track Founder's Coaching so they become Sales Masters in the minimum time required (20/80 principle)

    Training founder how to become efficient salesperson, so they can find a product-market fit, do the first sales and hire, manage and train their sales team afterwards.

    Topicts typically incude:

    • Controlling Sales process

    • Building trust

    • Qualifying ICP

    • Selling by questioning

    • Positioning as a trusted adviser,

    • Pain discovery,

    • Proper solution presentation

    • Addressing the need,

    • Identifying concerns,

    • Handling objections,

    • Addressable next step,

    • Creating urgency,

    • Priority variables negotiation,

    • Finding win-win solution,

    • Sales discipline

    • Hiring and managing a sales team

    • Others